After careful consideration I have finally decided to make my brainstorming card game, working title: "Multimedia Storm", available for FREE HERE and through the Teachers Pay Teachers community!

My original prototype (see right) is in the process of being completely revamped for multidisciplinary use.  I have commissioned my graphic artist son Tyler to create a much more consistent and professional look. The deck is being stripped down to 36 cards (9 Media, 9 Mechanic, 18 Mission) so that they will arrange better on the PDF sheet for FREE B/W self-printing and will maximize the value for the full color printed edition which will be available through   

Initially I had combined several card games into one to help my veteran game design students create their future projects. The "hand" they play had to consist of ONLY 1 MEDIA card + 1-4 of the other 2 card types (Mechanic, Mission). Any points earned over X amount would be used in an end of semester auction OR snack purchases OR perhaps traded among students...

The MMStorm cards can be used to generate original project/activity ideas in a variety of ways and in both individual and group settings.
  • INDIVIDUALS can separate the cards into 3 TYPE stacks and pick 1 card of their choice from the face up MEDIA stack and 2 cards RANDOMLY from the other 2 face down stacks 
  • A GROUP of 2 could generate 2 or more separate scenarios using the previous method and mutually agree on a favorite or pick randomly
  • A GROUP of 3 could play in a poker style fashion, shuffling the deck and dealing out 5 cards each to only the other 2 players. The dealer judges and this rotates each hand. The 2 active players could then discard 0-5 cards and place them in a pile, replacing with new ones from the top of the deck.  The next player has the choice of taking from the discard pile if they wish.  Best hands (1 Media + 1 Mechanic + 1 Mission) are presented and the judge picks the winner.  The winner removes and sets aside their winning hand from the deck.  Remaining cards are reshuffled. Dealer/Judge rotates. 1st to get 2 hands chooses the project from all winning hands. 
The random hand below consists of 1 3D Media, 1 CO OP Mechanic & 1 BULLY Mission card
Projects/Activities generated by this hand could be:
  • A charades game using only clay where the competing team can suggest wrong answers
  • A “Whose Line” style PROPS game where you have to pair up with a non-friend
  • 2 students could cooperatively create a set of 3D models and/or a 3D game about the tragic life of a nice kid descending into the darkness of becoming a bully 
  • Allow extra Mission cards to be combined for BONUS
  • Stars can be used for point/grade calculation

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