Wednesday, August 21, 2013

3...2...1... MMStorm LAUNCH!

Just went LIVE on TeachersPayTeachers & TheGameCrafter

Also purchased the full color deck so that I can show it in use and record a promotional video with the club as soon as school starts up in 2 weeks

Monday, August 19, 2013

Friday, August 16, 2013

Countdown to launch...

After careful consideration I have finally decided to make my brainstorming card game, working title: "Multimedia Storm", available for FREE to the Teachers Pay Teachers community!

My original prototype (see right) is in the process of being completely revamped for multidisciplinary use.  I have commissioned my graphic artist son Tyler to create a much more consistent and professional look. The deck is being stripped down to 36 cards (9 Media, 9 Mechanic, 18 Mission) so that they will arrange better on the PDF sheet for FREE B/W self-printing and will maximize the value for the full color printed edition which will be available through   

Initially I had combined several card games into one to help my veteran game design students create their future projects. The "hand" they play had to consist of ONLY 1 MEDIA card + 1-4 of the other 2 card types (Mechanic, Mission). Any points earned over X amount would be used in an end of semester auction OR snack purchases OR perhaps traded among students...

Here is an example of the NEW CO OP card:

Countdown to Launch!
More HERE soon!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The long of it...

I was born at Fairchild Air Force Base outside of Spokane, WA in 1962 and it wasn't until 1978 that I saw my first personal computer, a TRS-80 Model I with a whopping 8K of memory. It belonged to a buddy so I never actually got to use it. Later that summer my father, a night librarian at the local college, brought me to work with him where they had a TRS-80 Model II (with 16K RAM and a cassette tape drive!). The first game I played was called "Taipan" and it took about 15 minutes to load. Next to the computer was a manual on BASIC programming so it wasn't long before I had made a few games. The first was a text Psychiatrist, the next an ASCII Slot Machine, and later I made an impressive "3D" dungeon game with randomly generated dungeons, mazes and monsters --- all under 16 Kilobytes!

I immediately went to North Idaho College in 1980, right out of high school, and took about 20 credits of computer courses but because computers were so new I found I knew more than most the teachers and wasn't really challenged. There weren't that many exciting computer jobs at the time and I was having a difficult time deciding whether to go into programming or digital engineering. I switched my major from computers to physics education. I married the love of my life, Cherie, in 1983 and have 2 sons, Ryan and Tyler.  I graduated from the University of Idaho in 1990 earning a B.S. in Secondary Education with an emphasis in the physical sciences, mathematics and computers.

Currently I teach Make-It! Science, Introduction to Computer Technology, and Game Design at Lake City High School in Coeurd' Alene, Idaho AND Physical Science, Chemistry, and Game Design at the prestigious Richard McKenna Online Charter School out of Mountain Home, Idaho.

My hobbies include running an after school game design club and helping others rapidly prototype.